Oil – lubricating service

Total Fluid Management includes the complex oil-lubricating service in production plants and companies. It is aimed at: lowering the operating costs of media services, 

lowering the direct costs of maintenance, lowering the amount of produced waste, maintenance and sometimes improvement the quality of surfaces of processed goods and decreasing the use of machines and their elements. To make this all possible, we offer:

  • selection and delivery of lubricating oils,
  • service of media on the basis of developed technologies,
  • laboratory analyses of physiochemical media parameters,
  • systems cleaning services
  • oil service- filtration, replacement, testing cleanliness,
  • implementation of supporting software,
  • production of devices for media maintenance together with implementation at the customer’s place
  • trainings for employees within the proper use of media.


Service is completed on the basis of the service agreement prepared individually for each Customer. Within that agreement, SIS offers essential personnel, specialist equipment, know-how, and experience.

If you want:

  • to lower costs,
  • to improve the product quality,
  • to decrease the use of machine elements,
  • to increase the performance of machines and processes


contact with us.