Lubricants for metal cutting

Non-water miscible cutting, grinding and honing oils

Base oils with low evaporation and minimised oil mist

Variable viscosities
from V40 approx, 2 … 60mm2/s

Copper compatible cutting oils
for mixed materials, from simple brass working to more severe stainless steel machining

Multi-purpose oils
for cutting and machine lubrication

High performance cutting oils

  • for difficult to cut materials such as stainless steel, Ti and Ni alloys etc.
  • for most severe operations such as broaching and deep-hole drilling etc.

Grinding oils
for a variety of applications, such as:

  • tool grinding (HM, HSS)
  • gear grinding
  • fine grinding, finishing

Honing oils/superfinishing oils

Water miscible coolants

All products comply with TRGS 611

Variable oil content
0% (fully synthetic) – approx. 80%

2-component coolant

Different concepts

  • amine-free / boron-free
  • amine-content / boron-free
  • amine-content / boron-content

Special products for special materials

  • hard metals
  • sensitive Al alloys

Special products for extreme conditions

  • soft water < 3°dH
  • hard water > 80°dH
  • highest pressure > 80 bar

Ester emulsions
with ester in place of mineral oil

Grinding emulsions
with low oil content

Universal products
for cutting and grinding of mixed materials

Spray mist lubricants

Free from mineral oil

Based on:

  • native and synthetic esters
  • fatty alcohols
  • synthetic hydrocarbons

Wide application spectrum
for simple to difficult cutting and simple forming processes

Universal products
Copper compatible for mixed materials

Special products
for subsequent heat treatment or welding

Special products
water miscible for additional cooling or rinsing with water

Thread cutting oil for drinking water pipes
with DVGW [German Association for Gas and Water] approval