Lubricants for industry and end user

Machine lubrication and maintenance

Standard oils in acc. with DINCustomised special oils

Hydraulic oils

  •  DIN 51524: HL – HLP – HVLP
  • XHVI-oils with VI to > 300
  • detergent HLPD oils
  • special oils with Brugger up to >50
  • also free from zinc

Industrial gear oils

  • DIN 51517:CL-CLP
  • synthetic gear oils for extreme conditions

Machine and circulating oils

  • compressor oils VCL, VDL
  • machine and circulating oils
  • slideway lubrication oils
  • vacuum pump oils
  • etc.

Greases NLGI 000 … 4

  •  for gears and bearings
  • low-viscosity greases for central lubrication
  • for extreme conditions

Maintenance products

  • cleaner
  • corrosion protection

Industrial lubricants

For most different applications

Separating and forming oils
for concrete work

Manufacturing oils
Components for chemical products

Heat transfer oils

for electrical discharge machining

Machine / plant / hall cleaning

Quenching oils

Food grade lubricants
for manufacturing, decanting and packaging machines

Lubricants for small appliances
motor saws and scythes, lawnmowers, snowblowers, etc.


Quickly bio-degradable, renewable resources


  • native and synthetic esters
  • protected against gumming
  • governmental promotion

Wide range of products

  • hydraulic oils HEES, HETG
  • chain saw oils
  • reciprocating saw /chain conveyor oils
  • separating and forming oils
  • gear oils
  • greases
  • corrosion protection agents
  • home – hobby – garden

Wide application spectrum in environmentally sensitive areas

  • timber and forestry industr
  • concrete work
  • communal vehicles
  • agriculture

Special fuel

  • Oecomix 2T, Oecokraft 4T
  • low emission
  • KWF approval