Lubricants for chipless metal forming

Lubricants for sheet metal forming

Prelube and Hotmelt
Products being applied in the rolling mill

Vanishing oils
Punching and bending of fine sheets with virtually no residues

Deep drawing oils with low to high viscosity
Universally applicable for steel, galvanized steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals

Products with special approvals
Lubricants for medium to very difficult forming tasks in the automotive industry

Forming lubricants for stainless steels
Used preferably for processing of stainless and acid resistant steel sheets

Water miscible forming lubricants
Good heat removal of the emulsions enables the use in transfer presses

Forming lubricants for tubes

Tube drawing lubricants
Drawing oils and pastes for copper, aluminium and steel tubes

Tube bending lubricants
For bending and expanding tubes with fully and semi automatic machines

Lubricants for hydroforming processes
High pressure fluids and compatible special lubricants

Cold rolling oils and concentrates
Products for section rolling, pilgering and finning of tubes

Forming lubricants for wires and profiles

Wire and profile drawing lubricants
Water miscible and non-water miscible products for solid materials (circular and shapes)

Polishing and corrosion protection oils
Corrosion protection fluids with good forming characteristics for intermediate and final preservation

Lubricants for cold forming
High performance products for forward, backward and transversal impact extrusion