Manual Heat MPC pallets

The manual MPC pallet exchanger includes:

  • pneumatically supplied base plate mounted on a CNC machine
  • two steel or aluminum pallets
  • manual exchanger mounted from the front of the CNC machine
manualny wymiennik palet MPC
płyta bazująca do wymieniarki palet

Advantages of the pallet exchanger

  • Manual pallet exchanger with adjustable feet, adapts to all machines
  • Load, remove, check parts and prepare tasks when the second pallet is in the machine
  • Minimize the time to set up repetitive tasks
  • Pallets are easily exchanged between machines or departments
  • Heavy large items are easy to load outside the machine
  • Capacity up to 950kg
  • HIWIN linear guides for easy use by the operator
  • Compressed air blowing in zero-points each time the pallet is changed to remove dirt and chips
  • Pallet work can easily be interrupted in the event of a breakdown
  • Replace the pallet with a repeatability of + 0.002 mm
  • Punch pressure 18 000 N
  • The guide rails on the front of the receiver enable safe and easy loading of pallets in a few seconds. The operator simply pushes the buttons, to activate pneumatic clamps